Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 181: New kid in town

Here at STLT temporary HQ, we have quite a menagerie.  Three humans, two Burmese cats, one moggie called Moses (but should be named Satan) and as of yesterday, Ella:

Catwoman had a day off yesterday; ostensibly just to have a day of peace and quiet before year end madness hits at the Day Job.  But the real reason was that she was picking up the new addition.  Stos was in on the secret but told me yesterday after we had decided to go to the cinema straight from work.  Catwoman has been looking for a corgi for some time but hadn't told me about this.  I now understand why she was so interested in discussing what we feed K & P.  Ella is from New Zealand, so had a long day having been dropped off at Auckland Airport at 4.30am ( 2.30am Australian East Coast time).  We met her around 9.30pm so she was understandably a bit tired and aloof.  But after some initial trepidation, she was making friends with the resident humans.  The cats are a different issue.  The Burmese go into hiding when Ella comes into the room and Moses gives her evil looks at her from a safe distance.  She reacts by barking at him, and we just had a nasty incident where she has chased him, resulting in her being banished to the "time out" room.

I have been missing having dogs around - the Landlady's corgis made up somewhat for our girls being off with the breeders, so it is wonderful to have Ella join the household.  Still, it's only 2 months until we can bring K & P home.  As Catwoman has loads of Brownie points for having us stay with her, I suspect that Ella might be spending the Christmas holidays with us.

On another note, anyone looking for a funny and touching film to see this weekend should head off to see "Boy",  This is a quirky, funny and dark film (odd combination, I know) from New Zealand whose junior star has a 1,000 watt smile.  Have a look at David and Margaret's reveiw over here.


  1. So glad you've posted again. I have missed reading the updates. Hope all is well.

  2. Thanks Adele. Things have been a bit crazy lately and we are getting to the pointy end where we spend a lot of our spare time looking at house stuff. But I should have lots of good stuff to show over the next few weeks as we get to the final countdown.