Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Creative Space

While it was wonderful being on holidays for so long and seeing sights, shopping, eating and drinking, I did miss being creative.  But since we have been back, life has been very hectic, so the first chance I had to do some sewing was at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild SASD where we had a theme going.  GJ's Discount Fabric were running a charity sewing day on 14 July to help Rebecca Wolske raise $2,500 for her Conquer Cancer 200km Bike Challenge and help her is collecting blocks to make quilts and cuddle blankets.  As the date clashed with the MMQG event, we offered members the chance to participate.  Check it out here, and feel free to get involved - anyone can help out.  Anyway, I had some fabric left over from the Life at the Outpost quilt, so whipped up a couple of blocks to donate.  I probably should have made some more but I spent a bit too much time catching up with all the lovely ladies from the guild.  Hopefully this weekend will allow some time for some more sewing - I know a few people with babies due in the next few months, so would like to get on to making some gifts.

For more creative food for thought, head over here.

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