Sunday, April 1, 2012

When life gives you limes, make cocktails

I am not overly fussy about what is in my garden, but I must have fresh herbs and lemons.  The lemon tree was a key factor in buying our property and I went to considerable lengths to protect the tree when we rebuilt in 2010, including designing a deck that wouldn't encroach on its space and threatening the tradies with death or worse if it came to any harm.  The other tree I have always wanted is a lime tree and shortly after we moved here, Stos planted one for me however results, until recently, have been disappointing.  The return on investment has been poor - the tree cost around $30 and I am sure that it's only yielded 6 - 8 limes in 10 odd years.  Every year it has lots of flowers and fruit buds but fails to deliver on its promise and has not grown much since we have had it.   However, after complete change in the garden, two years of decent rain and some other unknown miracle, I've had half a dozen lovely limes in the last few weeks and there are another 30 on the tree in various stages of development.  Plus, we think the tree has doubled in size over the last year.  I am so excited - looking forward to daiquiris, lime delicious pudding and maybe lime chutney over the coming months.

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