Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As ANZAC day is a time for reflection and solemnity, I think it is appropriate that today is cold, dark and gloomy.  It is fitting to have a quiet day indoors, enjoying the comforts of home that so many of those who fought, and continue to fight, foreign wars could never do again.


  1. Great photo, and thoughtful reflection on the meaning of the day. I am the daughter of a Vietnam Vet, and grand-daughter, niece, sister and sister-in-law of serving members, who luckily, all came home. We are a very thankful family.

    1. Thanks Lisa - it is actually a treat not to be working on ANZAC Day which made me feel reflective. We have only a tiny family but Mum's cousin was conscripted for the Vietnam War and his father was a WWII veteran and fortunately they survived as well.