Thursday, November 1, 2012

Like a hurricane

This looks really hokey but look what I pulled out from the cupboard tonight while making muesli.
This is a souvenir from New Orleans;  just something you pick up for fun, like a packet of the famous beignet mix.  Who knows, one day I might even make it up. But tonight it made me think of all the family and friends in NYC and on the east coast of the USA who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Some have had to evacuate as the power and water are off in lower Manhattan; others had to batten down the hatches but sat it out and all is now well.  Two we haven't heard from and hope it is only because their apartment is without power.  We are told that while above 37th Street life is fairly normal, below is dire.  It is so hard to imagine a powerful and vibrant place like New York at a standstill.

So here's to thanking the powers that be that we know most are safe and hoping to hear from J & R soon.

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