Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Creative Space

There hasn't been a lot happening this week - it is so hot and humid here that it is a bit hard to get interested in anything much other than wondering when it will cool down.  However, I managed to get quite a bit done on James' quilt over the last week - basting completed and the first of the quilting was started at the MMQG Sit and Sew Day at GJ's last weekend and I did a bit more during the week. Per one of the suggested options in Modern Minimal, I am echoing the feature blocks in the quilting,
which looks really effective.  I'm extremely happy with the backing; this is a Prints Charming fabric that I picked up for $3 per metre(!) at Spotlight a couple of weeks ago.  But even though I really want to get it finished, manoeuvring a quilt around a sewing machine in this weather isn't a lot of fun so  I might just cut and join the binding fabric and put this on hold until the weather breaks later this week; even though I love the heat, we are overdue for some cooler conditions.
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