Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Creative Space

Over at STLT we are on a deadline.  Youngest sister's quilt needs to be finished before we head off on an adventure so the sewing machine has been in use every night this week.  The quilting is finished and I'm now pressing the binding ready to pin it on.  I was a bit nervous about my choice of thread - the author of the book that the pattern came from (Hot Spot quilt from Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight Carlton) said that she matched her thread to each section of the quilt, however as I had made a reversible quilt, this was never going to work.   The reverse side can be seen in the Sunday Snippets post below. So I took a deep breath and decided on chocolate brown, possibly influenced by what I had on hand.  Anyway, I am happy with the result, which I think adds a bit more interest to the piece.  I just hope that R agrees.

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  1. I realy like this, especially the way the sqaures all tilt/are off-set. I would like to make one too!! :) Popping in from "my creative space". Amy from

  2. Thanks Amy. It was a lot of fun to make and came together really quickly.