Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Year of Good Things

In a week of Bad Things being trumpeted by the media (job losses, world financial market doom and gloom and so on), it has been helpful to think about the Good Things.  This project has helped me keep perspective about how lucky I really am.  Picking out a few for the week:

15/366 - Getting up early on a Sunday morning, driving to my parents' place with the dogs and going for a walk with Mum and Evil Eve.
Good for - all of the dogs, me and Mum.
15/366 - A second Good Thing on the same day!  Having lunch with some lovely friends who we have not seen for a long time.  A sunny afternoon spent out on the deck - bliss!
Good for - maintaining friendships.
16/366 - Going to see 'Re-inventing Radio - an evening with Ira Glass'.   Ira Glass is the host and creator of one of my favourite podcasts (actually a radio show) called 'This American Life".  The show based on an overall theme and is usually made up from a number of different stories relating to that theme.  The stories are always interesting and range from hilarious to heartbreaking.   The live show discussed the art of story telling and comparing the approach to stories on 'This American Life' to traditional news reporting.  It also covered the creation of the stories, the process for getting them on the air and a very funny example of what can kill a show just when the producers thought it was a sure thing.  A fascinating insight into ground breaking radio by a genial and informative host.
Good for - My broader interests.
20/366 - Another dinner, with friends D & S from Perth.  After a couple of memorable stays with them over the last couple of years, it was great to be able to extend hospitality to them.  And look at the beautiful housewarming gift they gave us:

Good for - returning the hospitality of lovely people.

And this coming week is full of more Good Things with S arriving from Sydney tomorrow for a week.  That'll keep the Bad Things at bay for a bit longer.

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