Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Creative Space

The Wonky Star throw is finally coming together.  Despite the fact that hand quilting is a very slow process for me (probably because I am not using the right technique), I am really happy with the effect on the reverse side:

It's quite tricky getting the stitches even and I do spend a lot of time pulling stitches out and looking at the reverse side as that is where the real effect of the hand quilting is supposed to be seen.  Maybe if I used the "rocking" technique it would make my life easier.  Perhaps there is something to be said for machine quilting.

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  1. Your "creative space " makes me want do craft a quilt again after a long pause! For I loved to make these stars!
    The handquilting looks great!
    Much success with the ongoing process,

  2. Thanks Viktoria. It has been a lot of fun to make.

  3. I love your stars, and the way you've used the red quilting as part of the overall pattern.