Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving on up

Lounge rug by AndreaAMM 
I haven't posted on developments at STLT HQ for a while as there really hasn't been much to report other than the garden is slowly growing and we are progressively putting up more pictures.  But this week, we've acquired two rugs which make a huge difference to the respective rooms. This is the lounge room rug in situ. I had thought about rugs periodically but decided against buying any as there are two spotty girls around here who will just lay on them. But after seeing some inexpensive rugs in a catalogue, I suggested that Stos might have a look at a specific design for the man cave. In doing so, he noticed this one and thought it would go well in the lounge room.   I'm quite impressed with his choice;  I wouldn't have bought it as it really isn't my thing. But in this room it works really well with the furniture, the floor and also picks up the neutral tone of the blinds (the background is more beige that it appears).  And I was right about the dogs; as soon as Miss K saw the new addition, she decided to make herself comfortable on it. 

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