Monday, June 13, 2011

Brothers in Arms

I'm not sure what happened to this Queen's Birthday long weekend.  It has literally zoomed by.  But it has been fabulous;  full of family and good times.  The NY STLT fan is out here for a fleeting visit and one of his (many) friends organised a bus trip to a wine region north of the city on Saturday.  We were looking forward to going because it was not only a chance to see G, but also his mates who we have got to know quite well over the years and only see on his trips back to Aus.  They are a very entertaining bunch which makes the mass get togethers a lot of fun.  Surprisingly, the weather was beautiful and quite warm once out in the sun on what we had expected to be a chilly winter's day; perfect for a trip to the country.  We tasted wine, had a delicious lunch, caught up with old friends, looked at lovely scenery, met some fun new people and sang songs on the way home (but I never want to hear "Only Girl in the World" ever again). 
We miss our NY fan.  But he hasn't finished with the Big Apple quite yet.  The distance makes the infrequent times that we catch up even more special.

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